"Groups Acting on Fractals" is a thematic trimester in Institut Henri Poincaré, from 11 April to 8 July 2022.


The trimester is devoted to asymptotic geometry of groups, with emphasis on their fractalness, self-similarity and hyperbolicity of the groups and spaces they act upon.


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Events :


          11-15 April : CIRM Preparatory School :


Program of 19-22 April : 

 Mini-course "Projection complexes and applications to mapping class groups" by M. Bestvina.  
Tuesday 2pm, Wednesday 2pm, Friday 10am,  Live at
Recordings.  1: -Lecture 1-  -Lecture 2- Lecture 3 - the third lecture has no sound for 11 minutes) 


          25-29 April Conference "Mapping Class Groups and Out(F_n)"  


Program of 2-13 may : 

Mini-course "Random walks on Grigorchuk groups and growth estimates",  by T. Zheng.
Slightly postponed !  Tuesday 10th 2pm,  Wednesday 11th 2pm, Friday 13th 10am,  
Live at


Program of 16-20 may : 

Mini-course "Hyperbolic groupoids" by V. Nekrashevych.
Friday 10am, and two postponed lectures the week after (monday 2pm tuesday 10am). Live at  ( )



Program of 23-27 may : including a mini-course of D. Osin.

Mini-course  (Applications of descriptive set theory to the study of geometric and model theoretic properties of groups.) by D. Osin.
Tuesday 2pm, Wednesday 2pm, Live at


          30 May-3 June Conference "Self-similarity in groups, trees and fractals"   Home-Page 


Program of 7-17 June : including a mini-course of J. Mackay.


          20-24 June Conference "Hyperbolic groups and their generalisations"  

(This conference is partially supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grant No. DMS-2204399.  Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NSF.)


Program 27 June-8 July, TBA. 



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